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Discuss your idea over a coffee at the Local Makers Product Design Studio in Amsterdam.

Consult with a product designer, to discuss your goals and dreams for your invention.

During this meeting, we will explore the target market, design, product manufacturing feasibility, business use cases and more.

After the meeting, Local Makers will make a custom proposal for you


First, your dedicated product designer will sketch your idea on paper, maybe we present 2 or 3 different design directions for you to choose.

After your happy with the concept, your designer spends time creating a 3D model of your product. This gives us a great way to visualize your product, we can view it for from many angles.

Once we have a 3D file, we can then move onto the next step! 3D printing & prototyping.


Local Makers has about 10 3D printers on-site to help us prototype your product.

The step is about verifying the design and putting things together. Installing electronics, verifying joints & connections, curves, angles, all the little things we can’t do when the idea is just on a computer.



Sometimes Local Makers needs to reinvent the wheel, sometimes we have to repackage and give a new twist to products that already exist on the market.

Our partners have factories and producers all over the world. We act as your partner in Asia by taking care of your entire purchasing process, from idea to final delivery.

Manufacturing & Tooling Design

Once you have approved the design of your product, and are happy with the prototypes, the next step is to find a company to help manufacture the products. Our team will make the design suitable for tooling & injection molding.


Local Makers has us a global network of manufacturers. We can find something that fits your budget and timeline. We have worked with companies from Amsterdam to China, and everywhere in between.

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You have the idea? Now you need a skilled team to deliver it!

Local Makers is a full-service product development agency passionate about turning powerful ideas into actual, revenue-generating products.

Our group of talented professionals with a track record for crafting products will help you bring your idea to the market.

Book an appointment with our experienced product designers and get a free of charge consultation.